Hi Julie,

I've "met" you in some of the other cat groups we were both in.
How sad about your stray dude.  This is quite common with FelV 
cats.  I've had several who lost the use of their back legs.  
Thank heavens you found this cat and you were able to give him 
a few weeks of love and care before you had to let him go.

I believe it was you who had the drooling cat with stomatitis wasn't
it? You had him in your basement for ages, and you finally found him
a good home after having all his teeth pulled. You also started a N/S
clinic didn't you?  You do so much for cats.

Thank you Julie,

Lorrie (the old cat lady in WV) 

> On 08-03, Julie G. wrote:

> Hi I've been lurking a few weeks.? In July I picked up a stray that
> turned out to be FELV+.? In his few weeks with me he gained a
> pound, had a cushy bed, delicious premium canned food, and all the
> snuggles I had time to give him, since he lived in the basement
> while I tried to figure out where he could live (I have 4 cats).?
> I'd watch movies on the laptop with him on my lap, snoozing away
> happily.? He always seemed a little wobbly, and his pupils were
> always different sizes.? But he was relatively happy so we kept
> on.? Last night his back legs didnt work.? This had happened
> before, my pet sitter said, but they always came back "on" after a
> while.? But this morning they still didnt work.?  The vet?examined
> and confirmed that he had tumors pressing on his spinal cord.?  He
> was in pain and his entire back end didn't do what he wanted it
> too.? So the decision was made to let him go.?
> He'd been living under porches on my block for at least a few
> months when we finally caught him.? I'm so glad we did, I cant
> imagine what a frustrating, frightening life he'd be having out on
> the street right now, starving, full of tape worm, and 2 back legs
> that wont work.? I'm crushed that we couldnt give him a better
> life, and for longer, but I'm glad we got to him when he needed us,
> and filled his belly and his heart for a few weeks.? Safe and comfy
> and within a foot of food at all times. :)
> Anyway, I dont know anything about FELV, this was my first
> introduction to it...  so I dont exactly know how the tumors are
> related (cancer?)... but I wanted to drop a line to folks who
> understand.? He wasnt my kitty for long, but he was my kitty.

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