Alright Alice,

It is so rare to have good news in this group.  I am so happy for you and
Murphy.  You really hit him with some good stuff, I will pray that it
continues to work.  Right on!!!


On 8/15/10, Alice Flowers <> wrote:
> It is one day at a time-the roller coaster is going up this week. Last
> Sunday
> evening I thought he would not make it through the night. I had spent the
> weekend hand feeding and watering him with a syringe-he spent most of the
> time
> stretched out on the bed. We went ahead and gave him the Procrit (Epogen)
> and
> LTCI shot-I put them in one syringe so I would only have to give him one
> shot.
> He didn't even flinch. I thought he'd be gone by morning. I woke up at 5:30
> to
> get ready for work and I didn't see him on the bed-I went to the kitchen
> and saw
> both he and Rosie sitting at the open slider door screen (it was a nice
> cool
> evening-we left it open) watching the birds at the feeders!! He came
> trotting
> over complaining about breakfast-got his meds and ate a decent amount of
> wet and
> a few morsels of dry. He slowly improved over the week and we had a vet
> appt on
> Friday (8/13). They did an in house PCV, but it was 19-I think the last
> time he
> may have been dehydrated-it was 27-28 and the time before it was
> 18.5  (7/23).
> She was happy with the pinkness of his gums-not real pink, but not that
> death
> white color we dread.  His fever was gone, back down to 100.5 from 104.7
> the
> week before. She suspected he had a herpes virus-he developed a little
> lesion on
> the top of his nose that has healed. Luckily we picked up our LTCI order
> that
> day-she said she wanted to keep him on it weekly for now until his numbers
> get
> back up. I will never try and space the LTCI 8-10 weeks apart. That is when
> he
> crashed with this anemia. Luckily his last CBC on 8/7 stated that the
> Absolute
> Reticulocyte count of 70610 shows that it is so far a regenerative anemia.
> I
> have the higher calorie wet food from the vet and he really likes it. We
> are
> taking it a day at a time, but he is perking up-he still sleeps alot-but in
> his
> usual spots near the desk and he is wanting to stay near us. He isn't up to
> leaping for the top of the bookcase yet. When I woke up this morning, he
> was
> jabbering at me, lying between the pillows and watching the young pheasants
> eating spilled birdseed from the feeders through the low bedroom window at
> the
> head of the bed. We watched the birds for awhile, then I got up-he raced to
> the
> kitchen ahead of me, wanting his breakfast! He got his pills and a good
> breakfast. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but today is a good day.
> He is
> to stay on the Procrit 3x a week, doxy 2x a day, interferon 2x a day, LTCI
> once
> a week, and iron capsules once a day. We will give one more PennG shot for
> good
> measure-they last 5 days. I am grateful for your purrayers-I do believe
> they
> help immensely! I am lucky to have such kind vets-they take us at a moments
> notice. I think it helps to have a cat only practice to go to, (Sacramento
> Cat
> Hospital) plus they are open minded and progressive-they did not hesitate
> when I
> asked them to order the Imulan after they read up on it.  This is a hard
> journey
> we are all on, we lost the 4 brothers last year despite trying the
> transfusion
> and other meds. It helps to have people who understand-sometimes even
> family
> members look at us like we are insane-LOL   Alice and Glenn - owned by
> Sweet
> Rosie and Mr Murphy!
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