talk to her, and let her know that she doesn't have to stay here for
you. people and critters do, i believe, often stay longer than they
might ordinarily, to try to protect us. i always tell mine that it's
okay if their job here is complete, that they can cross the bridge,
and mommy will be alright. (of course, five minutes later, i'm crying
in their fur saying, "mommy's not ready!" but they understand my human
frailty.) if they know it's okay for them to leave when it's their
time, they WILL let you know.

i think that every one of us has allowed a beloved one to stay longer,
to be treated longer, than was optimum for the traveller: and most of
us have learned to feel the difference between, "is this for me, or
for them?" ask her to tell you when it's her time, and listen with her
heart, not yours. it's the last thanks we can give them, the gift of a
loving farewell.

i can't remember the quote exactly, but i found it many years ago, and
it's stayed with me: that it's better to send them home one day too
soon, than five minutes too late.

(i, of course, talk to them about the cloak room at the bridge where
there are racks and racks of new, healthy bodies, in every breed and
color and pattern and mixture--that they can pick out a new body where
everything works, and exchange it anytime they want....)

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