I am so grateful to find this group. Please help me with your  collective 
experience & wisdom on this horrible disease. 

I don't have many specifics about Avis' history, but I gather that he  was a 
stray in bad shape when he was rescued, then bounced around  before settling in 
a dorm room with a college student friend of my  daughter. Avis is currently 
about 21 months old. 

In May, I agreed to keep him for the summer. The original plan was that  he 
would live in my good-sized, many-windowed basement safely separated  from Max, 
my 9 year old border terrier who has never shared his home  with another 
Avis would return to his college student when  school started after labor day. 

I absolutely did not expect the silly dog & cat to become best friends in a  
week, playing together all over the house. Max wasn't the only one who  quickly 
became fond of Avis, so I offered to keep him through  the school year to avoid 
cooping him up in a dorm room. 

Avis came to us with a diagnosis of Feline Herpes & a third eyelid  permanently 
raised about halfway on one eye. A few days ago, I took him  to a vet 
ophthalmologist for a minor procedure to improve his vision. A  complete blood 
workup was done as prep to general anesthesia. It showed  anemia, 
nonregenerative. WBC, Neutrophils & LYM were also very low normal. 

The eye procedure was postponed. I rushed Avis to my vet for a FeLV/FIV  test. 
Positive for FeLV, which was heartbreaking, but not really a surprise. 

Avis feels just fine right now.  But because he already has blood  
there is obviously no way to predict how long he will continue to feel good. My 
vet says she is willing to try any reasonable option to give  him a chance at 
much good quality life as possible. 

So I am now researching LTCI, Interferon, ImmunoRegulin,  Staph Protein A -- 
all  the treatments I'm sure have been thoroughly  discussed on this forum 
before. Any consensus about what is most safe &  effective? Because there do 
seem to be any definitive clinical trials  or studies to go by. 

I will likely take care of Avis for the time he has left -- this is too  much 
for a busy, stressed out college student to handle.  Any  suggestions to keep 
Avis as strong and comfortable and happy as possible  for as long as possible 
will be very, very much appreciated. 

Thank you! 

Kris B. 

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