He is still refusing to eat or drink on his own. I am using a little syringe to 
give him water and plain Pedialyte and also some watered down AD food from the 
vet. While I was at work today, Glenn was able to carry him to the litter box 
and he did pee in it (Murphy-LOL), so the plumbing is still functioning. He 
spends most of his time sleeping, but for a short while tonight he actually 
walked into the kitchen and sat down, I was able to give him his meds and some 
food and water with the syringe. He is still very pale and way too quiet. I 
him a Procrit shot last night with a prayer that he will bounce back, but I 
don't know. Hopefully he will want to eat tomorrow. In July, he was like this 
for 2 days, then began feeling better fairly quickly except for the sneezing 
drippy nose. Got my fingers crossed and saying little purrayers all day long. 
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