According to my vet, cats with compromised immune systems should NOT be
vaccinated; he also refuses to vaccinate cats that are sick and/or running a
fever....Since the FVRCP should last a lifetime, and rabies cannot be
brought into the house, I would seriously think about not doing it.
If a cat doesn't go outside, even if the state requires rabies vaccines, you
don't have to do it (they don't knoow that you have a cat) - unless you
operate a rescue facility as I do.
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Rabies is not necessary on indoor cats, but it's required by law in your

I would get a second opinion on vaccinating your cats on a regular basis,
other then rabies, because even you can bring in a disease that can make
your cat sick. Especially cats who are Felv + need their yearly booster to
prevent them from getting sick. They might not be able to fight a simple
infection, because of their weak immune system.

2010/12/8 Stephanie (Merkel) Sherry <>

> Thanks Everyone.  I am lucky in that my vets have never recommended over
> vaccinating.  Other than rabies, which is required yearly by law in our
> state,
> we have never done additional vaccinating on my cats (current and prior)
> they
> are indoor cats only.  It's part of the struggle with figuring out what to
> do.
> Separately, Magic had a watery eye this morning that she wasn't opening as
> much
> as the other one.  So we need to keep a watch on that for her as I've also
> heard
> treating her symptoms early is key to her quality of life.
> Thanks again.
> Stephanie
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