That's what happened to a rescuer friend - I was in Mexico at the time and
couldn't post to the group myself - another member kindly posted for me.
However, my friend heard back from only one person.  Mother cat with 6
kittens; mother and 2 kittens negative, 4 kittens borderline positive.  The
veterinarians are vexed; I thought that since many of you had experienced or
heard of quite a few false positives with certain tests lately, there might
have been an answer. My assumption would be that the were exposed to another
FeLV cat. Natalie

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My shelter just took in a litter of 5 kittens. They are about 8 weeks old.
The 3 females tested possible for feline leukemia with the Idexx snap test
and the 2 males were negative. We retested from another batch of tests and
the same thing. How is this possible if they are all from the same mother?
Can anyone shed some light on this please? 

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