Hey, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Katy and I have two FeLV+ cats. I 
live in Kentucky.

I have worked in animal rescue for about a year and a half, since I graduated 
college in 2009. I found a 5-week old kitten, Buddy, abandoned in a gulley next 
to a parking lot, summer of '09. He tested positive for the FeLV blood test and 
tested positive again several months later. 

He is very healthy and is very playful. I felt very bad that he was alone all 
the time, when I saw on one of my animal rescue networks that another FeLV+ cat 
needed a home. So I took her in, het name is Chloe. 

So far, they are healthy and active. The only way I can tell that they have 
FeLV is that they test positive and they get sick easily. 

Vets in area told me to put them asleep now, even though they are healthy. 
Small town vets don't seem to be very educated on the FeLV subject. 

Reading all the emails lately have given me a lot of hope and I really 
appreciate this email list. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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