My females are little stinkers with other cats. My male cats have always been 
the nurturing, accepting ones. I've had big male formerly outdoor Tom cats who 
get fixed & come inside & play mom to my kitten fosters & cuddle with my adult 
males. My female cats swat & hiss at the kittens or new adults.

Dont Litter, Fix Your Critter!   

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] how to know if your "only" needs a friend?
Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 10:49 PM

thanks for sharing, Bonnie!  I wonder if it's just a female thing? I know there 
are laid back girl kitties, but I've always had tempermental, fussy ones, who I 
loved dearly.  We call our only female - the oldest at 15 - queen, too. :)

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] how to know if your "only" needs a friend?
Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 8:27 PM

I have to tell you this story...
I got my cat, Stormy, as a 12 week old kitten.  She was indoors only.  There 
was a "yard cat" but they only saw eachother through the window.  About a year 
after getting Stormy, I decided to go back to school to finish my degree.  I 
was already working full time, so this meant poor little Stormy would be alone 
much of the time.  In a move that is the *only* time I've sought out a cat 
(they usually just come to me, as Stormy had) I went to the local shelter and 
adopted a kitten about 12 wks. old.  I brought him home and said, "Look Stormy 
-- I got you a friend!"
Hiss, spit, growl, fur on end, very unhappy cat.  Oops.  I don't think she ever 
quite forgave me...
> From this I came to the conclusion that humans are social and cats are 
solitary.  That's undoubtedly not an absolute in either case, but generally 
speaking, I think most cats would prefer to be the "only."
ps -- Stormy now shares the house with three others, all "came to me" out of 
their need.  She's a little pissy sometimes, but I let her know she's "queen" 
and let the others know they are to give her utmost respect (she's the elder 
puss) and she's adjusted very well.
Good luck!

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