That is wonderful Kerry! I hope you shared the results with the lab people
and the vet...and I wonder what their reaction was...could save lots of
kitties in the future. Thanks for sharing with us!

On Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 1:06 PM, Kerry MacKenzie

> Dear all
> It's been a few years since I last posted. Background: I found this
> amazing,
> wonderful, kind, supportive, and knowledgeable group--it remains my best
> Internet experience--after discovering that 5 members of a feral colony of
> 4
> kittens and 2 adults that I took in in 2003 had tested positive for a
> disease
> called feline leukemia. (1 of the adults, Momcat, was negative. I should
> say, we
> didn't know if she was really the mother--I just gave her the name as she
> was
> the only adult female in the group. I saw no reason to separate her as
> she'd
> already been exposed, plus she was the most stressed/timid of all of them.)
> Re-testing a few months later showed no change--5 pos, 1 neg.
> Within 2 years, 3 of the kittens and the positive adult succumbed to the
> disease, 2 on the same day.
> A few months later I re-tested again. This time, both remaining cats,
> Momcat and
> Mickey, tested negative. Hi-fiving all round! They're now 8 and 7,
> respectively.
> Still resolutely feral, but healthy!
> Fast forward to September this year when I began fostering Sally, a 5-week
> calico that had tested positive on both ELISA and IFA. The rescue group
> said
> they would re-test in 3 months.
> The lab people said: "Why bother? Nothing you do is going to change the
> result."
> One of the vets at the clinic said the same thing: re-testing is pointless.
> The rescue group disregarded the "advice" and earlier this month I took her
> for
> a 2nd round of ELISA and IFA. Result: both negative!
> Just wanted to share--I figure we can always use good news.
> I will also say--and it's very much my decision, based on my personal
> experience
> with healthy adult Momcat (above), who lived alongside 5 positives but
> remained
> neg--this is the 2nd time I've fostered a pos kitten--Daisy remained
> positive
> and found a great forever home where she has a pos boyfriend too--and both
> times
> I've mixed them freely with my healthy, adult cats. As I say, my personal
> decision. I would not say anyone else should do the same thing.
> Sending good wishes to all of you who do so much and for all the kitties in
> your
> care.
> love and hugs and happy holidays.
> Kerry M., mom to Flavia, Caramel, Levi, Snoball--all of whom gave me so
> much in
> their all-too-short lives, and are now immortalized thanks to Belinda and
> the
> Candlelight Service--Mickey, Momcat, Katyis, Trixie and Tiger, and foster
> mom to
> Sally.
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