Condolences on the loss of your Buddy cat. No words can ease your pain, but I am certain he was aware that you were there for him doing all you could. In my experience, cats are incredibly sensitive to who and what is around them. Plus, you had a bond of love that makes your awareness of eachother stronger.
May the memories of your time together soothe your pain.
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HI All, please add my boy Buddy to the list. He was 10 years old, both Felv
and Fiv positive.

He passed earlier today about a half hour after a seizure. He had no prior
seizure activity I was aware of, in fact I thought he was in great condition
and would be around for a couple more years. He went completely limp after
the seizure and at first I actually thought he was dead. But a little breath
showed on the mirror in front of his nose, and then I hoped he would come
round in at least some fashion....but it didn't happen, he was barely
breathing, I couldn't tell if he was conscious or not the whole time - and
then just as we got to the vets, he stopped. There was nothing they could
do. I am really grateful I was home (my worst fear was he would be alone)
and able to be with him when he passed and I really hope he was aware he was
not alone, and I was trying to help him.

He was absolutely an awesome friend, such a patient cat, surprisingly sweet
and playful for an old, very tough ex-TomCat. He was finally getting plump
and really loving scratchies and pets. A total joy for me to see inside,
safe and happy. I knew him the last three years - after feeding him for two, last winter is the year I caught him and insisted he stay inside. We worked really hard to get to a very good place and it was worth it. He worked the
hardest; he still was willing to trust me.

I am really sad. I miss my friend in my house. His room feels incredibly
empty and even though he wasn't allowed out of his room, I feel the absence of his physical and spiritual presence everywhere. I am getting him cremated
(in his cozy soft bed he loved, if they will allow it) so he will be back,
sort of, but this is the first time I have had one of my cats in someone
else's care when out of my house. I never leave them alone in a strange
place. I know it's weird but it's creeping me out thinking of him alone,
even if he is curled in his beloved bed, at the doctors office. I didn't
like leaving him there. :(

All, if you can, give your kitties a kiss, a hug and a treat today to thank
them for still being around. I know I am!


Dana and her 6 other furbabies (Callie, Hobbie, Greyling, Fuzzy, Magical
Forest Creature and Honeybunny Pouf) .
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