First off, if she's neg on IFA I would go with that!  Don't know why you
wouldn't.  Many of us mix pos/neg.  I did that by accident when 1 of my cats
tested pos 4 1/2 years after she tested neg on snap test.  Never been
outside so I assume she always had it.  My other 3 cats were around her
since kittenhood & nobody caught it even though they groomed, ate from same
dishes, used same boxes, had the occasionally tussle, et.  Got the 3 neg
vacc & 5 years later, everybody's fine.  

My orig neg on the Elissa got me reading & apparently, just as you can get a
false neg, you can also get a false pos.  I'd go w. IFA which you should get
within a day or so after blood is drawn.  I'd put her in kitty condo & let
her view the sights & sounds of indoor living!  

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I am trying to determine what to do with Poppy both now & when the IFA test
results come in. I've been reading & reading & from what I can gather, the
old dictums about NEVER havinig positive & negative cats even in the same
house has been abandoned.  From what I have read, the general sense is that
it's fine for positives & negatives to be in the same home, but should be
separate so there is no chance of exchanging 
fluids such as with a bite, but more importantly with mutual grooming.   
But I know also that some of you have both positives & negatives really
living together, not separate. Right?

What about if I put Poppy in her condo in the spare bedroom & let me cats
visit, so at  least she SEES other cats.  What is she hisses & spits?  Would
that have a chance of infecting any of mine who were nosing around her
condo?  My feeling is that it would.

Also how effective is the vaccine these days?  I know that some years ago
the figure was about 30% so I never  had any of my cats vaccinated.  
Has it been  improved?

Right now we are still waiting for the IFA test for Poppy. And I guess she
needs retesting on that in at least a month. I do NOT want to keep her alone
until then.  We  have a sanctuary for her if she tests IFA positive cause
then we know that she is really positive. But the person who runs it tells
me that regardless of how she tests on the IFA, she HAS leukemia. Period.
And would go in with the positive cats. But my understanding  is that if she
is IFA negative, she has a chance of fighting it off & putting her in with
the positives is giving up.  I think she should only go in with the
positives if she tests IFA positive.

Can anyone help me sort this out?


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