I was wondering if anyone has heard of this, a woman on FB is claiming that 
coconut oil given for approximately 4 weeks will cure a cat with FeLV. I wrote 
to her and told her that there was in fact no cure and she told me to talk to a 
man named Mark McCandlish, though there are several so I was not able to look 
him up.

I am a licensed vet tech and am constantly researching FeLV and have not seen 
anything of the sort out there. One would think if a cure would have popped up 
that it would be talked about everywhere especially by the FeLV cat parents 

I find it frustrating when people post information on FB under cats that are in 
need of homes and do not have their facts straight. They are either sharing 
that FeLV is this freakishly contagious disease and that all FeLV cats must be 
kept separate or euthanized or they are spouting about "cures". Those of us who 
have FeLV babies and are praying for that cure to save them don't want that 
fake carrot dangled in front of our faces.

Anyway sorry for the rant, I just wanted to be sure I am not out of the loop 
before I keep arguing with her about it.

Also there are 2 beautiful, sweet cats in Austin TX who are felv + and in need 
of a home asap. If anyone may be interested please let me know and I will 
forward the link with the info and pics. They are incredibly sweet and very 


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