Even if you have indoor-only cats, they can get fleas. A vet once told
me, "If a squirrel runs through your yard, you can have a flea
infestation in the house." True, dat. My college roommate and I had
three indoor cats, and one summer they all became so infested we had to
bomb the house... Twice. (Interesting side-note: a flea can't
live/reproduce off human blood)

I have 12 cats and use Revolution on them. I don't put it on all of them
at once- I stagger it and put it on two this week, two next week, etc.
That seems to keep the fleas at bay. I'd also like to address Natalie's
vet- I used to work for a vet (and at an animal shelter) and have seen
numerous cats go into seizures and die from Frontline and Advantage, but
never Revolution. Doesn't mean that it doesn't happen, I've just never
seen or heard of it (and I know a lot of Crazy Cat People! haha).

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I'm not quite sure what Advantage does - you could look up each product
and see their specifications.
I just sent some suggestions to group; some we have used and are using,
and some that I am considering, although what we have right now really
works well on all the cats and the doggie.  Although our cats don't go
outside, they use the outdoor enclosures, thereby possible being exposed
to fleas.

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