It's interesting that everyone always complains about certain flowers and
shrubs being eaten.  We have over 50-yr old rhododendrons, never touched!
Azaleas - never touched!  I stopped growing tulips and daylilies....will
plant daffodils next year - love them! If anyone is interested, there are
lists of plants that are deer-resistant, quite a few of them online!

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Suggest that you try lots of wind is fine.  They seem  
to love hostas but don't touch the few I have....with chimes above  
them.  Also suggest interplanting daffodils.
On Jun 2, 2011, at 7:45 PM, Sally Davis wrote:

> OFF TOPIC  RE: DEER I think there is another forum for this. I am  
> sorry for
> posting here.
> Natalie,
> Hold on. I am not blaming the deer. I was over simplifying, so I  
> apologize.
> I have oppossum raccoons and squirels too. I battle the deer beacuse  
> they
> eat my daylilies. I have lived here for 25 years and five years ago  
> the deer
> became a problem. NOT their fault but the fault of man. I will not  
> get into
> that. I do not think the deer need to be shot or anything like that.  
> I chose
> repellants to hopefully get them to change their browsing patterns.  
> They are
> creatures of habit. I felt sorry for them two winters ago when there  
> was no
> nut crop in the fall and we had lots of snow here in VA. They did a  
> number
> on plants they rarely touched in the past so I know they were hungry.
> James do not boot me off.
> Sally
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