Cathy I came to this site in the same manner. My kitten was 9 months when he
died and my vet said to put my others down immediately. I was shocked! My
Russian Blue had become positive despite being vaccinated. I refused. Basil
was with me 2 more years very happy and healthy. He then began to show signs
of illness. In the end he lived 3 years after the vet wanted to kill him.
What I did was come home, found this site, and began to learn treatment
plans. I then took everything to the vet--I changed his opinion. Although
Basil did contract Feline Leukemia, my other cat Rumpleteaser never did. She
didn't get contract the disease even from Basil and I mixed them. There are
others here that will offer wonderful advice and guide you, I say for the
sake of your heart listen and make your own decision. 

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I am new the site and I am just crushed.  I have never had cats before and I
adopted a shelter kitten from Petco in Plano, Texas.  She had Ringworm to
start with and she was tiny, but she was playful and is as sweet as can be.
We live in Downtown Dallas so she sits in the window of our high-rise and
overlooks the skyline.  Last week, she became very lethargic and on Friday,
I became worried so I took her to the emergency room.  She's always been
little, but playful and happy until last week.

They did a Feline Leukemia test and it was positive.  The only thing I had
ever heard about Feline Leukemia before Friday night was that all cats who
get it - die.

Cali is only 7 months old and I can't stop crying.  I just moved to Dallas
last July.  I have always had Dachshunds but I didn't think that dogs should
be in apartments, so I got Cali.  Then I didn't want Cali to be by herself,
so I got another shelter kitty from the Petco in Bedford, (named Sasha) and
she is very healthy.  

The emergency room vet and the Vet that I took Cali to have both told me
that I need to put Cali to sleep so that Sasha won't get sick and Cali won't
get better so she should be put down.  For all of you out there, please say
a prayer for me and Cali.  She is a Blue Cream Tabby, she weighs 5 pounds
and she has been a real fighter.  I don't know how I will find the strength
to put her to sleep.  

She is so little.  I want her to get better.  I can't stop crying.  

Cathy Kessel
(858) 361-8972

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