My Tucson tested neg on Elissa (in office) snap test when she was 6-8 weeks
old.  Then almost 6 years later, she was a bit ill & my very sharp vet at
the time, retested her & she tested pos for FELV (Elissa & IFA).  Now 7
years later, Tucson is still with us and intermixed with the 3 other cats
had lived with prior to the pos test.  They all tested neg even though they
had shared dishes, litter boxes, toys, groomed each other, etc. all those
years.  I did lose my romeo, a stray I took in who did turn out to be pos.
He was around 4 when I took him in & died last year 6 years later of
lymphoma.  Again, I mixed all of them.

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Just a note of caution, a mom cat can test negative and still have positive
babies.  Happened to me.  Also, if they are tested immediately upon rescue,
there can be false negatives because the virus is still incubating and
hasn't had time to show up yet.  Also happened to me.  Even if a rescue or
shelter has run tests on mom and all babies, they should warn people not to
put too much faith in a single test, positive or negative, and emphasize the
importance of quarantining until the adopter can get a second test run.
In my case, I vaccinated my negs and mixed and they are still negative.  One
of the positives made it to 3.5 years, with no FeLV issues until the very
end.  He was a joy to have known, and I still miss him.

Best wishes,

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 5:34 PM, Natalie <>
> I would definitely contact PetCo and advise them of this; it is 
> totally unethical to adopt out a cat that may be FeLV+ or FIV+- if 
> there was a mother cat, she should have been tested.  Depending on the 
> kitten's age at the time of adoption, if old enough, she should also 
> have been tested!  Any cat adopted from my group must be FIV/FeLV
> I'm sure you will hear more from others!
> Best of luck and hang in there - I am so sorry for you and your dilemma!
> Natalie

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