Next time he comes around - and he probably will if he can find his
way - don't scare/chase him.  Take his toy, the food he likes (he will
be hungry) and SIT down somewhere where he can see and hear you.  Talk
to him, put the food out, rattle the toy, just talk like you did when
he was home and let him come to you.

If he doesn't come around, go where you think he may be hiding and do
the same.  DON'T go after him.  He is freaked out and needs things to
look, smell and sound as normal as possible to lure him back.

Good luck.


On 6/24/11, Melinda Kerr <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> It is with a very heavy heart that I am asking for some positive energy from
> this group!  My son's friend left a door open last night and my little
> VooDoo escaped.  He is terrified of being outdoors and all attempts to
> capture him only scared him more!  We live on a military base and there are
> no wild animals to worry about and the speed limit on base is extremely
> slow.  My greatest concern is that around 2:00am, he tried to come home and
> we absolutely scared him to death trying to get him to bring him inside.
> (He hasn't been out since he came to us as a five week old kitten)  I'm
> worried that he might be afraid to come home.
> It breaks my heart to think of my little "kissing bandit", hungry, scared
> and alone.  He doesn't tolerate dry food well and I know some of the
> residents where I suspect he is hiding puts it out for the few strays.  This
> is such a heavy burden for me and I am not taking it very well.  Please just
> send your positive thoughts our way.
> Thanks for listening.
> Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo
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