Are they called "totes"?
I use large Styrofoam containers to ship chemo to hospitals - a friend is an
oncology nurse practitioner and saves them for us. They're larger than
Styrofoam coolers, sturdier, and already insulated.

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Totes are wonderful.  I leave the top off and the boys are young  
enough to jump in the 18 gallon totes and the lower larger ones are  
wonderful too.  I figured this out when I had a wonderful boy who,  
late in life, had issues getting positioned.  Besides the totes are a  
lot cheaper and more appropriately sized.  FYI:  They make great  
outdoor shelters too.
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> I tried to respond earlier but it bounced back as "too large"  
> however, I noticed that others have responded with no problems so I  
> will try again (after deleting most of the original emails).  I have  
> used Feline Pine at home before and the rescue group I am with used  
> to use it at their Petsmart adoptions.  The smell (to me) was gawd  
> awful after they had used the box even once and even customers  
> complained about the smell in the adoption center.  We had to go  
> back to scoopable in both places but especially at the store because  
> people would not go in to meet the cats due to the smell and it was  
> scooped on a regular basis.
> For our house, we have switched from hooded boxes to large  
> Rubbermaid Totes.  Frank cuts a large hole in one end so the cats  
> can get in and out and it prevents our elevator b*tt peers from  
> peeing over the side.  We also use a low dust litter.  So far, our  
> cats have done well and most of our cats are 12 and up.
> Edna
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>> Oh - I just found a Petco version of the wheat litter, Sweat Scoop.  
>> It got
>> good online reviews.
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>>> Well, this has inspired me to check out Feline Pine - has anyone  
>>> used it
>>> before?
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