what is done is done and don't ask me why or how.  it is.  don't ask me why AC 
didn't identify a sick-appearing cat
am fostering these two from gassing-daily county pound since 7.16.
suspected Hope had feline leukemia when I picked her up - - THIN and HOT.  She 
and Schmitzi were housed side by side i.e. nose to nose for a week.
spending my $.  both have diarrhea.  vet found them both negative for fecal 
parasites.  gave Schmitzi strongid, gave me albon to give her and vaccinated 
her for feline leukemia, panleukopenia, herpes and calcivirus.
next step is to do an IFA on Hope?  interval?
HOPE is not suffering.  inactive.  poor appetite. very, very sweet.   if I tell 
AC chief she tested + I believe he will demand and gas her.  lethal injection 
is supposed to be used for sick animals.   WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
both FIV negative.
something going on in Hope's chest.   periodic.  not exactly like a sneeze or 
cough.  vet did give azithromycin capsules
any comments, other than the obvious  - - this woman has no/poor judgment  - -  
will be appreciated.
thank you.

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