I use the Midwest crates, but I use two (door-to-door), "twistem" tie
together.  I use one as living room and food, the other for litter box and
open from the top to clean/feed.  If a cat is really feral, I slide a
cardboard between the two cages to open one or the other top safely.


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The place I bought the 42" crate:  

$77.95 and free shipping (Midwest Crate)


I last used it for 2 young kitties who I'd been feeding outside & who I knew
wouldn't last the winter.  Someone had lent me one of those hard sided dog
crates but I found that it didn't allow much air to circulate & they could
only see out the front.  With the wire crate, I used a sheet to drape over
it & sort of gave them a chance to see what was going on in the room at
different side by lifting on side or another.  I used a small covered litter
box inside & they did fine.  I made a "hammock" using a small towel.  Made
holes in all 4 corners; attached STRONG rope; & tied so that it hung above
the floor towards the front of crate.  This way, they had room to "hang out"
without fighting for space on the floor or climbing over each other to get
to the box.  I could put their food dishes towards the front so that it
wouldn't be close to the box.  They loved lying in that hammock & looking


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I'm sorry to be monopolizing all this "air space" on the list this morning,
but am trying to figure this out with this cat.


So, if I decide to put her in my bathroom for a 2 to 3 weeks, as has been
suggested, then how do I introduce her to 'living outside' again?

I currently have 4 cats PLUS am trying to introduce my aunt's cat, Princess.
I know this doesn't sound like much to some of you, but it's getting a bit
stress (maybe more for me than for the felines!)..


Again, I can't thank you enough for sharing your information and
experiences.  I deeply appreciate you all!



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