I guess I am trying to say you can hold them inside a lot longer than estimated. I've had them in for 3-4 months. The thing is to build a relationship with them during that period. They see you with the food. I handle all the dry food with my hands so there is my odor. Etc. I like Feliway when they are in confined. Because she won't be released into a known area, developing that relationship is very important.

Frankly, I have been very concerned moving or traveling with cats but have been successful in both several times. Ebony, a feral--ok all my guys/gals have been feral--went out on a leash for cats for a long time when we moved so he could learn where he was. The leash got longer and longer and.......but he knew where he was. The boys I have now travel around in a carriage so they get a sense of home--it has paid off when ..............left a door unlocked and Copper took unauthorized walk-abouts. Now they are familiar with lots of scents on the farm...they go for mile walks when the weather permits.

All of this is to say that, with a lot of love and patience, you can do this. Frankly, I like the enclosed area. I did this for Ebony and Mi Tu then repeated it on the farm for Dixie. Now I want to replact it for the boys by way of a screened in porch.......and a reenforced screened area for the ones I will bring over if Mom leaves this world before they do......care is a lifetime commitment.
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The one concern is that Hemy is NOT being released in her own territory and if she doesn’t get used to Bonnie and her yard, may start searching for the old area.

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On that, I have had a few ferals that were held inside after vet treatment for various reasons: weather (very hot or cold etc), dangers (size and age of cat and the presents of packs of dogs, hawks etc) healing time + adjust time (they were returning to their own group), and just because of numerous other concerns. None of them have ever forgotten their nature. These ferals live at my Mom's but I am the primary servant. Mom's concerns have to be addressed.

This is my experience only.
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