The idea of the long handled bath brush is so you can pet the 
cat with no danger of getting bitten or clawed.  You were brave
to leave your hand in there unless you had on a glove :-)


On 08-13, Bonnie Hogue wrote:
> Wow, what a terrific idea!  I just put more bedding in with Hemy because she
> looks cold.  She hissed, of course.  I left my hand in there a minute,
> wondering if I should try to touch her.  She didn't go for me, but I thought
> better of it.  This might be an idea to build a bridge!
> ~B.
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> I use feathers or a long handled bath brush to win over a shy or feral cat.
> I've had them simply melt at the touch, and soon become very affectionate.
> Lorrie

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