Not at my computer but there are sites that talk about rehoming "ferals".  Best 
I can rember is to somehow contain cat in garage or big pen for 2 or 3 weeks n 
when I let it loose, it knows that this is the place for food. Mayne try alley 
cat alleys.

Christiane Biagi
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Bonnie Hogue <> wrote:

>Wish I would have thought to ask this yesterday!  Now I'm literally an hour
>away from needing to decide.
>The problem is that my aunt (who's tame housecat I took) also had a "feral"
>living in her large yard.  The cat showed up about 2 years ago, and for the
>past year I believe the cat has pretty much been a resident there (her only
>source of food?).
>Yesterday I trapped her and took her to Forgotten Felines, the local and
>excellent TNR organization.  Guess what?  She had already been spayed.  That
>means some (fill in the blank nasty term) 'person' had just abandoned her!
>So here's the dilemma:  if I release her in my yard, she's in a strange
>place.  The only thing holding her near will be my good heart.  If I take
>her back to my aunt's house (which is to go on the market soon) god knows
>what will happen, where she will find food, and the next 'trapper' may not
>have as good a motivation as I do.
>I see it as 50/50 for this poor cat.
>But what would YOU do?
>Thanks for your thoughts.
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