What a great story! See, it's these wonderful experiences we have with cats
that make us do it over and over even though sometimes we feel devastated
over our losses, we know, I think each and every one of us that we are here
to take care of them.
I guess I am going to have to read that book too(-:

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 10:13 PM, katskat1 <katsk...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Gee!  Now you got me started on another topic.  Speaking of Homer's
> Odyssey, I recently rescued a kitten less than 5 weeks old.  Eyes and
> nose all gooey.  Siblings either run over or died shortly after being
> taken off the road.  The person who rescued her called me cause she
> knew I was a cat person and didn't know what to do.
> I cleaned her up and when I got the gunk off her face she had one eye
> bulging and sightless and the other apparently sightless.  2 days
> later (right after July 4), I took her to my vet for emergency
> surgery.  She had to remove both eyes because of severe infection BUT
> she tested negative for FeLV.  Awful young to assume I know but I had
> her do the test anyway.  A couple days ago I took her in for her shots
> and had her tested again.  Still negative.  I will have her tested one
> more time when she goes in for spay.
> Her name is Koko because:  1.  Koko is American Indian (Blackfoot)
> word for 'night' which she will always be in.  2.  Koko was the name
> of the first gorilla taught American Sign Language for the blind and
> had a huge vocabulary.  3.  Koko used her vocabulary to convince her
> humans she wanted a kitten.  A REAL kitten.  She got one, and she
> loved it and other kittens she adopted over the years.  COOL?
> Koko is the bravest, most ornery, energetic kitty I remember having.
> She has memorized the house, attacks the dogs and other cats from
> hiding places, plays with the cats, plays with the dogs, (who seem to
> realize she can't see and play gently), jumps off high places once she
> has gotten familiar with them (my bed, the back of the couch), and is
> having a blast with life.  I doubt she has ever been able to see cause
> she was dumped while so young.  Next month she gets spayed and has an
> umbilical hernia repaired then, I am hers and she is mine forever!
> I gotta get/read that book.
>     kat
>    ^   ^
>  = " "  =
> On 8/24/11, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:
> > On 08-24, Natalie wrote:
> >>    Welcome to 70 - I'll be 71 in December!  Great age, isn't it?
> >>
> > It's great to know quite a few of you are in your 60's or 70's.
> > Now I don't feel quite so bad being 78.
> >
> > Lorrie
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