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  Gee!  Now you got me started on another topic.  Speaking of Homer's
  Odyssey, I recently rescued a kitten less than 5 weeks old.  Eyes and
  nose all gooey.  Siblings either run over or died shortly after being
  taken off the road.  The person who rescued her called me cause she
  knew I was a cat person and didn't know what to do.

  I cleaned her up and when I got the gunk off her face she had one eye
  bulging and sightless and the other apparently sightless.  2 days
  later (right after July 4), I took her to my vet for emergency
  surgery.  She had to remove both eyes because of severe infection BUT
  she tested negative for FeLV.  Awful young to assume I know but I had
  her do the test anyway.  A couple days ago I took her in for her shots
  and had her tested again.  Still negative.  I will have her tested one
  more time when she goes in for spay.

  Her name is Koko because:  1.  Koko is American Indian (Blackfoot)
  word for 'night' which she will always be in.  2.  Koko was the name
  of the first gorilla taught American Sign Language for the blind and
  had a huge vocabulary.  3.  Koko used her vocabulary to convince her
  humans she wanted a kitten.  A REAL kitten.  She got one, and she
  loved it and other kittens she adopted over the years.  COOL?

  Koko is the bravest, most ornery, energetic kitty I remember having.
  She has memorized the house, attacks the dogs and other cats from
  hiding places, plays with the cats, plays with the dogs, (who seem to
  realize she can't see and play gently), jumps off high places once she
  has gotten familiar with them (my bed, the back of the couch), and is
  having a blast with life.  I doubt she has ever been able to see cause
  she was dumped while so young.  Next month she gets spayed and has an
  umbilical hernia repaired then, I am hers and she is mine forever!

  I gotta get/read that book.

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  > On 08-24, Natalie wrote:
  >>    Welcome to 70 - I'll be 71 in December!  Great age, isn't it?
  > It's great to know quite a few of you are in your 60's or 70's.
  > Now I don't feel quite so bad being 78.
  > Lorrie
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