They should no better than to give an FIV shot. Once administered they will then always test positive for it whether they have it or not!!


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It's very bad practice to vaccinate cats while they are having
surgery, but vets do it, so now I write out instructions not to
vaccinate, and put it on the cat's carrier when I bring them for
surgery.  I give my cats their PCRC, way before they have surgery,
but Rabies vaccinations are the law here, and only vets can give the
injections.  Once they are vaccinated I do not repeat vaccinations
annually, and I just ignore the postcards I get saying it's time to
vaccinate again.


On 08-26, Natalie wrote:
   Anyone  who  uses Petsmart's veterinary plan should be aware that they
   pump  every  possible  vaccine  into  is  most important to
   specify  in the beginning which vaccines you want and especially which
   ones you do NOT want.  My friend uses that plan because it does save a
   lot  of  money....she  brought  her  two  cats  in,  and  she  assumed
   incorrectly  that  they  would  get  the same vaccines as the ones she
   specified  at  the  last  time, NOT!  They got FeLV/FIV, God-know what
   else....she  was  furious!   She  always tells them ahead of time that
   they are strictly indoor cats!

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