Anyone who uses Petsmart's veterinary plan should be aware that they pump
every possible vaccine into is most important to specify in the
beginning which vaccines you want and especially which ones you do NOT want.
My friend uses that plan because it does save a lot of money..she brought
her two cats in, and she assumed incorrectly that they would get the same
vaccines as the ones she specified at the last time, NOT!  They got
FeLV/FIV, God-know what else..she was furious!  She always tells them ahead
of time that they are strictly indoor cats!


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my vet vaccinated fletch when he was neutered...which i don't ever let
anyone do, because i figure surery is gonna lower their immune systems...not
a good time to vaccinate. but I was suprised when I saw on my bill that he
had been vacd for felv...which i did not ask for. let me tell you, that cat
attacked all my other cats and was so mad for 2 or 3 weeks. It turned this
whole house upside down. i have never experienced anything like that in all
my years of having cats. Then i was reading in Dr Pitcairn and also Dr.
halmiltons books about that very same thing happening to cats after being
vaccinated. i was suprised to see it in words!! It was just weird. Anyone
else have this happen?


On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Beth <> wrote:

I don't vaccinate FeLV kitties. My 1st 2 FeLV girls died right after being
vaccinated & I've heard of that happening from other people, too.



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All you have to do when administering antibiotics is to use probiotics mixed
into their food.  Just plain acidophiolus, will do, too.  And if the cats
happen to like yogurt, even better - but make sure you get real yogurt with
real acidophilus, not some fake sweetended yogurt.....

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Hi Marcia,
I know popular opinion is to limit antibiotic use, because it can kill
the good bacteria in the gut, but in my limited experience I prefer to
leave immune-compromised kitties on it longer.  I had one little FeLV
pos kitten with a URI that had a 10 day regimen of Clavamox.  She was
vaccinated a few days later, as she seemed to have cleared the URI.
Big mistake, I didn't know any better.  The URI was not cleared, just
masked by the antibiotic, it came back, lost her to FIP a couple of
weeks later.  When her positive brother started getting sick soon
after, he got prednisolone twice for fever and was on clavamox for
months (5, 6?) just in case.  He never had any bowel problems from it.
My vet finally said she couldn't in good conscious keep prescribing
it for such a healthy cat.  Had I left his sister on it (and not
vaccinated so young) I feel her immune system may have been less
exhausted and better able to fight the corona virus that turned into
FIP and killed her.

Best wishes,

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 11:47 AM, Marcia Baronda
<> wrote:
> Terri
...He's om amoxicillin and they said he could stay on that
> indefinitely. Do you agree? She also said we could try some prednisone.
> are you opinions??
> Take care everyone
> Marcia

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