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Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 1:32 PM
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Just an update on that little "feral" cat I took from my dear aunt's house..

After going to Forgotten Felines for spay (already spayed), partial tail
amputation and general health check, "Hemy" lived in a pen on my deck for
nearly a month. I would get my upper body in the pen and we would have a
'love fest' of petting, purring, head-butting and cuddling.  Clearly: not a
feral cat.  So I left the pen door open yesterday.  She sniffed all around
the yard, circled several times, returned to the pen to eat and sleep in her
favorite bed.  I called FF about finding her a home, but I think this is her
home, and I'm her person.  I love this little cat.  I suspect she has some
health issues, but I'm delighted to give her a home and in return have her

By the way, my dear aunt passed away on Aug. 24.  I visited her the evening
before and she said then the same thing she said every time I saw her:  "I'm
so GLAD you have the cats."  Then she'd ask about them and I'd tell her how
each one was doing and how wonderful they are.  It was obviously important
to her that her animals were being cared for, and I think the fact that it
was me ('in the family' and a known cat lover) helped.   I'm happy that my
taking her cats made her happy and gave her a little peace in her time of


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