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> It was the same with my Annie.  When her owner who was in hospice
> learned that they had found her a good home, she passed the next
> day.  She knew her baby was safe so she could go.  If I did not have
> a safe haven for my babies to go to, I guess I wuld just have to
> NOT die.  If I did not know thy would be secure and safe, I would
> not rest in peace.  I think I would be like Annie's owner was.  If
> you cannot find her a good home, put her to sleep.  Any port in a
> storm is not a good port, it has to be safe and secure.

I am going to have to live forever!!   I have 15 cats and my family
(three grown kids) can each take two, but I'm not able to find anyone
to take the rest of my cats.  I've been on google for days searching
out sanctuaries in the east, and so far all are FULL.  I'll keep
trying, but I'm getting so discouraged.  These cats were all rescued
kitties and they've been thru a lot before I found them. I love them
very much and I'm worried sick about what will become of them. I have
money for their care, but no one has offered to take one.  I'm now 78
and my husband is almost 90.  I need to find homes, and I am offering
$1,000 per cat.  Do any of you have any ideas what I can do?

Lorrie in eastern WV almost to the Maryland border

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