On 09-08, Bonnie Hogue wrote:

> For most of us, it is not just finding a trustworthy care giver,
> it's having enough money to provide for them and the cats.  If you
> have property (and other wealth) this could make all the difference
> for your feline family.  I don't know about you, but I always feel
> "nobody loves them like I do"...which may be true, but to ensure
> they're cared for is a burden relieved. ~Bonnie

I know what you mean about thinking no one can love them like I do,
and I also worry about someone taking what money they get for each
cat and then dumping the cat and spending the money.

I am not wealthy, just comfortable from a small inheritance my
parents left me.   I have to be careful with my money, but I have
enough saved up for the care of my cats. It's the person who will
care for them that's my huge concern.


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