The decision is not an easy one.  She is just about due to deliver and you
need to consider the risk to her, as well as kittens, of an abortion at this
stage.  But you should know a few things about FIV:

.         The male cat would not likely have given her FIV when he got her
pregnant-deep bite wounds are the most common form of transmission

.         Even if your cat was FIV positive, she would not pass it on to her
kittens.  Virus does not cross placenta barrier

.         However, kittens born to an FIV pos mom oftentimes test positive
for FIV.  They get their mom's antibodies and since test used relies on
presence of antibodies, they'll show as positive.  NO new kittens can ever
have FIV but it may be many months before their mom's antibodies leave their
system and during those months they'll test positive

.         Cats who are vaccinated for FIV always test positive (again
because test looks for antibodies)-not a particularly effective vaccine &
the risk of the cat being mislabeled as FIV pos is too great


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i have just found out tht my cat is pregnant 8.5wks to a stray that tested
positive for feline aids
i was due to have her fixed but was a little to late as she is 8mths now.
The vet wants me to take her in to get an abortion is this the only way???
Do i have no other options?Is this the best thing to do??

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