I hope the boys find a foster hom son.  I would volunteer but am no way near 
215 area code.  I can offer my prayers for them and you.  Bless you for caring 
for them and finding homes for them.

---- dana giordano <giordano.d...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi all, This came across a rescue list I am on, and I wanted to pass it on.
> The lady had a fire, and is waiting for her house to be rebuilt. It took
> longer than expected, and two of her foster volunteers could not extend.
> If you or anyone you know might be interested, please don't hesitate to
> contact Susan at susani...@msn.com or 215-435-5273. Thanks so much!
> *From: *Susan Finkelstein <susani...@msn.com>
> *Date: *November 30, 2011 10:54:31 PM EST
> *Subject: **[UCNeighbors] Fire Cats in need of short-term fostering*
> Hi, all! A couple of months ago, some friends had posted a note for me on
> this list after we suffered a terrible house fire over at Springfield and
> St. Bernard. It was a call for help placing my cats who had survived the
> fire (sadly, we lost a third recently due to complications from the event)
> in temporary foster homes. The response was wonderful: I managed to place 8
> cats in 8 separate foster homes: a minor miracle for anyone who has ever
> tried to find foster homes for animals. It was a huge relief for me, amid
> all the chaos and grief and stress surrounding the fire and the ensuing
> issues.
> Needless to say, our house is nowhere near on the schedule for
> reconstruction originally given to us by the contractors (wrangling with
> the insurance and mortgage companies mostly to blame). As a result, I am
> now faced with needing to find new foster homes for two cats within the
> next week or so (of course, our house is nowhere near the completion date
> that the contractors originally gave us), and was wondering if you might
> know of any folks who would be willing to take a cat in for something like
> 4-6 weeks.
> Habib, a 13-year-old neutered fat "creamsicle" cat (I call him that because
> he is orange and white), is very funny, friendly, and talkative, and his
> current foster parents love him, but have obligations to be away come
> mid-December and cannot continue to care for him. Martini is an orange
> tabby, neutered, about 6 years old, but FeLV positive. He has NEVER
> exhibited any signs of illness (he was minutes away from euthanasia as a
> tiny kitten in the ER at the Penn Vet Hospital, where I worked, when I
> whisked him home), so he appears to be a carrier of the virus, but it would
> be best for him to be in a home without other cats, or maybe with other
> cats who also have tested positive. Currently, he is sequestered in one
> room in a neighbor's house (due to another resident cat), and cries a lot,
> and is very lonely. It breaks my heart. He is a true people cat and seems
> very depressed without human companionship.
> If you or anyone you know might be interested, please don't hesitate to
> contact me at susani...@msn.com or 215-435-5273. Thanks so much!

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