My biggest fear with 9 cats! Luckely we have an enclosed cat playground
outside. We can just push them out the cat door in the window and lock it
behind them.
I just hope something like that never happens when we aren't home!

On Dec 2, 2011 4:34 PM, "Lorrie" <> wrote:

> What a terrible story!
> This is a lesson I learned from a friend of mine.  Her house was on
> fire and she grabbed her cat and took him outside but he ran back
> inside and died in the fire.  God forbid any of you ever have to
> rescue your cats from a burning house, but cats will always run back
> inside because this is the place they feel safe.  Always put your
> cats in carriers or in your car outside your home.  With 13 cats this
> would have been terribly difficult for your parents, but if there are
> only one or two cats this can be done.
> Lorrie
> On 12-02, GRAS wrote:
> > In 1964, my parents' house in Chicago had a fire on a night of a huge
> > snowstorm, 3'!  The fire department had a hard time getting there because
> > side street were not plowed, especially not at 3 AM. They had 13 cats,
> and I
> > had "just" moved back with my two cats because I couldn't afford my
> > apartment closer to school. All the cats died in the fire, although my
> > father was running around, grabbing them and putting them on an enclosed
> > porch, they all ran back as he opened the door.....When the house was
> > rebuilt, a cat was found in the basement ceiling/rafters, completely soft
> > and pliable (not stiff!) - poor cats most probably died from smoke
> > inhalation because they have such tiny lungs.
> >
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