Yes, I have tried, and it goes better than stuffing them into a's
like dropping a towel over them to catch them to go to the vet..then you tie
the pillowcase.

BTW - at our house, there's no way I could stuff all of them into
pillowcases.I have no idea what I would do.  And they would also all hide
under sofas and do you get them out from under there in time?

Our cats actually love sleeping in cages.  After we've introduced a new cat
and open the cage to let it join the others, before we have a chance to
remove it, as many cats as possible squeeze into them...once I counted 8
cats and took a picture!


[] On Behalf Of Lee Evans
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in a house on fire


Have you ever tried stuffing cats into pillow cases?  I have 15 cats in the
mobile home.  I can't imagine stuffing 15 pillow cases with 15 cats and
actually living to tell the story.  Good idea if you have less than 5
though.  Don't forget something to tie up the tops and just for safety,
double case each cat if there's time.  Oh, just build a house out of cement
blocks and have stainless steel furniture.  Cook outside, at least 50 feet
from the house and keep several dozen fire extinguishers around in case of
emergency.  Now having a full blown panic attack.


From: Peggy Verdonck-Riley <>
Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2011 10:43 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in a house on fire

Pillow cases, that's great advise if you can't get to the carriers fast
enough! Never thought of that. Will work for our ferret too!

*runs to the store to get 10 new pillow cases, just in case* ;-)

2011/12/2 GRAS <>

My father even burned his corneas trying to save the cats (was OK in the
long run). And as it turned out later, he was actually running on a
wall-to-wall carpet with no floor under it anymore....But he still kept
trying.  Another great idea is to use  pillowcases in any emergency - that's
always around!
BTW - horses do the same when a barn is on fire; they run back.

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in a house on fire

What a terrible story!

This is a lesson I learned from a friend of mine.  Her house was on fire and
she grabbed her cat and took him outside but he ran back inside and died in
the fire.  God forbid any of you ever have to rescue your cats from a
burning house, but cats will always run back inside because this is the
place they feel safe.  Always put your cats in carriers or in your car
outside your home.  With 13 cats this would have been terribly difficult for
your parents, but if there are only one or two cats this can be done.


On 12-02, GRAS wrote:
> In 1964, my parents' house in Chicago had a fire on a night of a huge
> snowstorm, 3'!  The fire department had a hard time getting there
> because side street were not plowed, especially not at 3 AM. They had
> 13 cats, and I had "just" moved back with my two cats because I
> couldn't afford my apartment closer to school. All the cats died in
> the fire, although my father was running around, grabbing them and
> putting them on an enclosed porch, they all ran back as he opened the
> door.....When the house was rebuilt, a cat was found in the basement
> ceiling/rafters, completely soft and pliable (not stiff!) - poor cats
> most probably died from smoke inhalation because they have such tiny

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