ASPCA removed 700 cats from Caboodle Ranch - I tried posting it here this
morning, even in three parts, it was still too large., and kept bouncing
back, saying it has to be reviewed.. If anyone would like to see it, let me
know and I will forward TO YOU.  Natalie


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Just info on the caboodle ranch issue: 


This place gets a lot of media attention and volunteers. 


Personally, while he's not perfect, he was not alone in this work, so it
seems at least worth it to consider he got steamrolled. 


I've been reading about it and it really seems like it may have been part of
an overall political move by PETA (who tends to kill animals, not save them
- check their stats.) 


PETA apparently wants to stop the bill that will allow rescues to pull the
animals slated to die from the county shelter and is using this issue as a
platform. ASPCA was involved but I think PETA was pretty much running that
show. And if there is one org I do NOT trust it is PETA. (So now you know
where my bias is.) 



Anyway, If you're interested in reading more:


If you want to support the guy, there is a Caboodle Ranch petition:



I hope the cats will end up in a safe place and not euthed. Remember, more
than anything, it is the cats who now are in bigger danger now, then they
were at the ranch. 

Also - consider how many times TNR's put domestic cats back on the street if
there were feeders? (I'm not one of them, but consider that, before
condemning the guy.)


This is a sad story. I hope we hear better news for all the animals






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