This message was 34KB,  and it came through. To make sure my reply wouldn't
bounce, I erased everything below Bonnie's note. Natalie

I got this, regarding size of mailings:


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The maximum length of messages is set to 20Kb. So, I am not sure how a 30Kb
one got through. I've added your other email address back. Let me know if
there's anything else I can do. Kind regards.


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I too got the message but was afraid to click on it for fear it was a virus.
I see that I am still getting messages, so I am just going to delete that
one about bouncing and no longer being on the list. 

I have not participated on the list for a long while but still read every
single post and have learned many things that I would have not known
otherwise. I appreciate the wisdom that is within this group. My Collette (
who was the reason I initially joined the list many years ago) died of
complications of diabetes two years ago, having lived for over 10 years
after her positive test. She was one month short of being 19 and I am sure
she had a good long life because of all of the things that I learned here. 

I rescued a cat just a few months before Collette had passed away. He was
hiding in my juniper bush and stole my heart as soon as I saw his big green
eyes - even though he was pretty skinny and obviously had not been used to
living outside. After not being able to find who owned him, I decided to
have him neutered with the idea that I would just leave him live around the
house. It didn't take him long to win my heart and he totally lives inside
now and loves it. I just dropped him off at the vet this morning because he
has been having some problems with a fang that had been chipped when he was
still an outside cat. His eyes have been watering and the vet thinks because
it was not only chipped but had 2 longitudinal cracks that he has probalby
been in pain (been a bit hissy lately and stopped sleeping on the bed). I
sure hope this takes care of his crankiness and any pain that he might have
been in. His name is Charcoal and you can probalby guess that he is a black
cat with just a few scattered white hairs. I am praying that he will be fine
today - it is scary to me anytime a cat has an anesthetic but I have a
wonderful vet and trust her completely. I am looking forward to picking him
up this afternoon. 

Well, this turned into a longer message than I intended but I do want to be
kept on the list. Bonnie

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