Please heed the thoughtful advice shared by others on this list and have your 
Bengals spayed and neutered before placing them in homes where they’re 
cherished. I do rescue and have two retired breeding Bengals. One took two 
years before she adjusted to life in a home. Sadly, the other is still an 
emotional wreck. He lived his early life in an outdoor cage, used only to make 
money for an uncaring owner. When she was finished using him, she sold him to 
an unsuspecting buyer as a pet. The cat would not use the litterbox, terrorized 
her other cat, attacked her husband, and was no nervous that he pulled his fur 
out and chewed himself raw. She spent a fortune trying to make him part of her 
family, but ended up keeping him in her basement for 3 lonely years before she 
contacted me. I’ve had him for more than a year and while he’s making progress, 
he has a long way to go and may never overcome his early years. It’s 
heartbreaking and unfair that his life is so unhappy because someone chose to 
use him to try to make a buck. 

Please, please consider the fact that these are sentient beings capable of 
feeling loneliness, boredom, fear, etc. They deserve homes where they’re loved 
and wanted. And before adding to the millions of unwanted animals in this 
country, please also consider that there are countless Bengals in need of 

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