Charles, Please give this beautiful female Bengal to someone who will
love her.  Her life does not need to be cut short.  I have a FelV
shelter and many of my positive cats live many years with the
disease.  They have a home like setting, no cages, and a lady who
lives there full time to care for them and give them companionship. I
am in eastern WV, which is too far away for you, but there are many
FelV shelters available, as well as people with no other cats who
would love to have this female as a pet.


On 05-28, Charles Adams wrote:
>    Hello Kelley,
>          Thanks for your kind words. Seems like the majority out here are
>    pure bone head jerks. I am not breeding to get rich. I love my cat and
>    he  get's out daily for walks. Hell if they really want to bitch about
>    something  all  cat's  and  dogs were wild at one point and guess what
>    they  didn't  get  fixed  in  the wild so what give with these idiots?
>    Again thanks for kind words and thinking about what is important here.
>    A  beautiful  female  who's life will be cut short because some greedy
>    idiot goes to animal shelters and collects animals to sell to others.
>    Charles

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