To everyone, including Charles, who still seems to be reading the mail:

This is my final comment on this topic, and if it offends some, ask me to
leave the group.

I'm sorry, whether the first note from Charles was someone's idea of a joke,
as suggested, or not, his second note certainly sounds like one too - it's a
complete turnaround, a little hard to believe. His stud cat lives in a cage,
gets out for daily walks, and that's "love" - and we're all idiots because
we advocate spaying and neutering and express concern for a female cat that
was purchased for only one purpose, to breed with his "beloved" stud cat,
for what purpose? To sell the kittens.

Sadly, the purchased breeder cat for whom he paid $300 is FeLV+, and that's
where the problem came in, not a real concern for her illness. She wouldn't
be able to be used as a breeder. Had she been healthy, she, too, would be
living in a cage, with her kittens over and over again, like in a puppy
mill.  The kittens wouldn't even have been "home-raised", as they deserve.. 

According to Charles, some of us we were "bitching" about something that
dogs and cats were in the wild - not spayed or neutered?  Where have you
been living, Charles, in  cave? Try to understand what those who objected to
your breeding go through the horrible and emotionally charged and
financially debilitating work of rescuing a huge surplus of unwanted cats.

I belong to a national Alert group; every day, a mere partial list of cats
and dogs on a kill-list goes out of healthy, beautiful, young and old,
begging to be rescued from the heart stick , gas chamber, or more humane
euthanasia. Most don't even end up in nice shelters like the ones some of us
operate, they go to municipal shelters that in many places in the country
are dumping grounds for unwanted animals, living in squalor and filth. And
those are just the ones that somehow got to a shelter or dumping area for
killing.  The rest are discarded anywhere you can imagine, fending for
themselves under horrible conditions, breeding several times a year until we
step in - most times, our work is like a drop in the ocean - but to the
saved cat, it's everything.

Whether Charles' letter was a joke or not (I'm not laughing), the topic was
definitely not.
Whether the poor FeLV+ cat is real or imaginary, isn't funny either.

Natalie - cat rescuer in CT

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Charles, Please give this beautiful female Bengal to someone who will love
her.  Her life does not need to be cut short.  I have a FelV shelter and
many of my positive cats live many years with the disease.  They have a home
like setting, no cages, and a lady who lives there full time to care for
them and give them companionship. I am in eastern WV, which is too far away
for you, but there are many FelV shelters available, as well as people with
no other cats who would love to have this female as a pet.


On 05-28, Charles Adams wrote:
>    Hello Kelley,
>          Thanks for your kind words. Seems like the majority out here are
>    pure bone head jerks. I am not breeding to get rich. I love my cat and
>    he  get's out daily for walks. Hell if they really want to bitch about
>    something  all  cat's  and  dogs were wild at one point and guess what
>    they  didn't  get  fixed  in  the wild so what give with these idiots?
>    Again thanks for kind words and thinking about what is important here.
>    A  beautiful  female  who's life will be cut short because some greedy
>    idiot goes to animal shelters and collects animals to sell to others.
>    Charles

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