I offered to take the cat, but anyone who mentions breeding is going to get a 
lecture. No apologies.

Kelley Saveika <moonv...@gmail.com> wrote:

>You know, I do rescue too, but I seriously doubt attacking this man for
>breeding cats is going to help this female FELV+ bengal.  I doubt he's on
>this list anymore (I would not be) and I'm not sure how this is helping the
>cat, and isn't she what is important here?  Couldn't someone have steered
>him to some resources that would have helped the cat instead of attacking
>On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 3:18 PM, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:
>> I also rescue, and it is terribly upseting to me when people breed
>> cats. There are already too many homeless cats and kittens out there!
>> My heart aches for that poor Bengal male who spends his life in a
>> cage just so his owner can make money from him.  I hope he is
>> neutered and allowed to live his life as it should be lived. As for
>> the FelV female Bengal. Please have her spayed and let her be adopted
>> by someone who will be happy to have her as a pet and won't give a
>> damn about making money from her!!
>> Lorrie
>> On 05-27, Lee Evans wrote:
>> >    This  is  for Charles Adams: Unfortunately, you are beginning to learn
>> >    by  your  mistake  that breeding animals, whether cats, dogs, birds or
>> >    any  other species can be more costly than it's worth.  You state that
>> >    you  don't want a pet cat and never did. I am assuming that the Bengal
>> >    you  have is just a potential source of money and that's what  you had
>> >    in  mind  in  the  first place.  Your poor cat is definitely not happy
>> >    without  being  able to breed.  He won't be happy ever because he will
>> >    have  to  be  caged and bred many times in his life before he is of no
>> >    more  use  in breeding.  Right now, if you are really ethical and want
>> >    to  do best by your male cat, you should get him neutered and sell him
>> >    as  a  pet  quality  Bengal.   Papers or not, he's a living being with
>> >    feelings  just  like  you  and  I have.  As for the little female, she
>> >    needs  to  be  retested.   She  also needs to be spayed.  If she still
>> >    tests  positive  for  FeLv,  you  need to find a rescue that will take
>> >    her.  Or advertise for an adopter who wants to have her as an only cat
>> >    or companion to a small dog.  You can charge an adoption fee.
>> >    I noticed that your email address is Texas Gold Buyers.  I assume that
>> >    you  buy gold and re-sell it. That's a good business to be in.  Please
>> >    stay  out  of  the  animal  breeding business from now on and stick to
>> >    gold,  silver  and  any  other  inanimate  objects  that  people  will
>> >    purchase.  Good luck to you and the cats.
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