You might also consider, Charles, that most of us on this list have gone 
through the very painful experience of having lost a beloved cat to FeLV or FiV 
or both.  Personally, when my Dexter was suffering from the effects of this 
disease, I joined this list to find out different ways to help him and the 
people here were compassionate and kind.  Keeping him in a cage was never a 
consideration and I would have spent any amount of money possible to ease his 
pain and to help him feel better.

So, when you come here talking about your caged cats and your lost $300, you 
come off as a profiteer and someone completely clueless about cats in general.  
I've owned a purebred cat before - many years ago.  I would never have even 
considered a purebred raised in an environment such as the one you describe.  
Kittens need to be raised under foot; socialized with people and from cat 
parents who are treated with nothing but love as members of a family.  I'm not 
just making this up - go online and read a few webpages - successful breeders 
do this.  Successful breeders never make much money, either.  They are 
successful because their kittens are well socialized and integrate well into 
new households. Breeders who operate for quick financial gain with no regard to 
temperament never last long. 

So, let me be blunt:  if you are for real and you are treating your cats this 
way, you should be ashamed of yourself.  By the way, there are new puppy mill 
laws in Texas that apply to cat breeders - cage raising is prohibited by this 
law.  Also, keeping your FeLV girl outdoors?  Huge mistake.  She needs to be 
sequestered indoors where she can't spread the virus.  If money is all you care 
about, then I'll pay you the $300 you lost as well as $500 for your stud, if 
you surrender both of them to the kind lady from this who offered to take them 
in.  I'll do this if you promise to stay out of the breeding business.  Sadly, 
I doubt you'll take me up on this, but this is a real offer.

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On May 29, 2012, at 7:04 AM, Charles Adams <> wrote:

> Hello Lorrie,
>      I appreciate your message. I have been taking very good care of this 
> beautiful girl. I have a cage for her litter box and food but the door is 
> left open and she comes and goes as she pleases. Now as for your comment 
> about people viewing my message through colored glasses let me clarify that 
> for you. They not looking through colored glasses they are viewing it with 
> their heads up their asses. Bunch of jerks. My cats are treated better than 
> lots of children and I love them and they are part of my family. I don't know 
> who some of these jerks think they are. Last I recall I didn't get a message 
> from God informing me he left anyone a God and ruler of the cat population on 
> this planet.
> Charles Adams
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> Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 5:53 AM
> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Charles Adams - Breeding cats
> On 05-28, Ben Williams wrote:
> > I have to believe that the message from  "Charles" was someone's
> > idea of a joke.  That email hit just about every red flag for the
> > kind of behavior that no one on this list would condone.
> It may be comforting to think it's all a joke, but this is
> exactly the way breeders are, so I think you're looking at this 
> post thru rose colored glasses.
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