Yes, there is, and we are finally getting some because our cats climb
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I think what you mention here is called Pet Screen. It is an extremely
strong poly vinyl screen that is virtually tear proof.
I screened in our porch with this and it's been up for years with
15 cats at home and raccoons outside.  I got it online, but later found out
Lowes has it in stock.


On 05-31, wrote:

> I got some information on a screen that the manufacturer says is cat, 
> dog and raccoon proof.  Also no seeums proof.  It cost $108.00 per 
> roll (which is a large roll).  I will try to dig out the info and send 
> it to you.  I was planning on fencing in my deck for days when I have 
> to leave early and get back late.  At least they would be able to get 
> outside.  Harley especially is a real pain when he can't go outside, 
> knocking things down, over and driving the others crazy (this will 
> make me give in and let him out).  I don't want to leave them outside 
> when I am gone because they might get hurt and I would not get back in 
> time to take them to the vet.  I know, crazy, but I don't want to 
> loose any of them because of stupidity.

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