On 05-31, Maureen Olvey wrote:
>    My  suggestion  -  give  up.   You  can't  beat  the raccoons.  

Raccoons are clever little beasties and they can figure out just
about anything. I'm surprised your friend's feeder is still there. 
I had one carried off and they also carried off the feed bowls and 
a "screamer" that I paid $60. for and was supposed to scare off

My solution is to feed my ferals early in the morning when raccoons
are not out.  They are nocturnal.  They can climb trees but they
cannot jump very high. I've heard of people in my other group using a
platform on a metal pole. The cats can jump 4 or 5 feet high but not
the raccoons.  I'd be concerned about this however, because old cats
or an injured feral couldn't jump that high either.  So early morning
feeding has worked best for me.


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