I'm new to this group & to FeLV.  2 kittens showed up at my house about a 3
weeks ago, I took them inside, bathed good & put in separate room away from
my 2 other cats.  I just found out that the mother cat has FeLV so have been
told that the kittens probably do as well.  I found a few fleas on one of
the kittens last night so immediately bathed both of them again & vacuumed
the room really good.  I've been so careful to keep them away from my other
2 cats & now am a bit concerned that a few fleas could transmit if they got
on my cats.  Any advice that can be offered is appreciate.  I researched
briefly online & saw that it was a possibility so am concerned.  I also
treated the kittens (a little over 8 weeks) w/a flea spot treatment about an
hour after their bathŠŠŠ..it was specifically for any kitten or cat 8 weeks
& older.  Was a milder treatment I could tell b/c it doesn't kill flea eggs.
Kathy Wood
³Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.²
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