I would use whatever the vet gives you for the eye(s).In the 20 years of
rescuing cats, I have had and still do have several cats that have vision in
only one eye, bad eyes was left intact, and they're fine.  They also had bad
infections that were not treated when they were kittens.  We've had eyes
removed when there was a severe infection and the eyes were either ruptured
or hanging out like little grapes (usually from herpes virus).


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I trust your insights and experiences.
Briefly I chose to "foster" 3 kittens with significant conjunctivitis from
the local pound about 2 weeks and 2 days ago.  That was on a Saturday.  I
knew come Monday they would be killed.  I have spent significant $ of my $
by choice.
All tested negative for FIV, fe leukemia and heart worm this past Saturday.
I chose to vaccinate them including fe leukemia this past Saturday.
Maya Mia is about 2 months old.  Her left eye is swollen.  The eye is cloudy
and has become vascularized.  There is no evidence of pus.  Her right eye
had/has a corneal ulcer.  There is a small amount of cloudiness.  Two vets
have recommended to remove the left eye.
The first vet backed off that it was an emergency when I asked her what if
re:  the corneal ulcer eye.
Two local rescue groups say they have good fortune re:  placing kittens with
less than optimal vision.
My question to you is, "what has been your experience re:  letting nature
take it's course".  she happily and accurately leaps from atop a cage to one
2.5" away.  She is active.
The kittens contemplated future is with an area SPCA.  Their doors are not
open to them at the present.  They would be adopted into forever homes  from
the SPCA or stay at the facility if not adopted..
The first vet advised me to use opthalmic antibiotic drops for the present.
I had used opthalmic ointment on both eyes for 10 days.
thank you.


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