> Briefly I chose to "foster" 3 kittens with significant conjunctivitis from
> the local pound about 2 weeks and 2 days ago.  That was on a Saturday.  I
> knew come Monday they would be killed.  I have spent significant $ of my $
> by choice..................

I have been doing rescue work for 35 years and I've seen  many eyes that
were severely infected.  Having one eye doesn't seem to affect their
ability to get adopted, in fact people often feel they want to help cats
with one eye or minus a leg. My neighbor just adopted a totally blind
cat.  I couldn't get her to take one of mine (I have way too many cats)
but she adopted this blind cat from the vet's office!

I still have a cat who is blind in one eye and another with chronic
herpes infection. His eyes must be wiped out every day to keep them
from being goopy.  They are permanent cats at our home.   There is no
cure for the virus as antibiotics have been tried, but will not work
on viral infections only bacterial infections.


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