Also not holistic but effective...
I have a foster who had stomatitis and regenerative tissue gingivitis.  
Removing the teeth did not help.  Her gums were purple and she could not eat.  
She had two sessions with a laser, under anesthesia, and weeks of buprenex, 
prednisone and clindamycin, but she's been off all meds for a couple of months 
now and it seems that she really is OK now.

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I will, thank you! 
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This isn't holistic, but my parent's cat was suffering terribly from stomatitis 
to the point where they were considering putting him down.  Instead, one of the 
vet tech suggested COLD LASER THERAPY - WORKED INCREDIBLY!!!!!  Tabby's doing 
GREAT now - has put his weight back on and is back to his reg. self.  Took 5 
sessions I think, no sedation, and each visit for treatment they were in and 
out in under 10 minutes.
Check into it!

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>I now that you posted the holistic stomatitis protocol a while back, I thought 
>that I saved it, but can’t find it.
>I would very much like to try it on two of our FIV+ cats with stomatitis – one 
>case is severe, one just a little.  
>However, those cats are not easy to handle…would I be able to use it on them?
Natalie  =^..^=

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