This is a cat that failed in his last attempt to make it to Best Friends
because of how poorly he handled transport.  He was 1 of 3 cats supposed to
be headed out there and they decided they needed to work with a vet to find
a better solution for getting him through long travel.  The biggest issue
is now with all the new travel security requirements he can't just stay in
his carrier he must be removed and his carrier xrayed while he comes
through the xray with me.

They have done tests runs with the sedation and feel it is the best option
for us making it through security safely without putting him, myself or
security at risk when removing him from the carrier.  Other products have
not worked with him.  He takes a very long time to adjust and warm up (but
once he does is said to be a total sweety).  Other problem being I do not
know nor have I ever met this cat.  He will be arriving at my house in a
few hours but I am no home and will only have time to meet him for about 10
minutes prior to being out the door again this evening.

None of it is the ideal situation however I am his only option to save his
life and I do not feel comfortable removing a cat from the carrier
unsedated that those who actually know the cat have expressed great concern
about the problems I will have with him. I don't think its as simple as
minor anxiety or stress for this guy.

Jamielynn  Storch
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