Most of the hunting accidents around here are "city" people coming out with 
only the weekend to hunt and they get desperate to get a "kill".  The guys 
around (all farmers) know the drill and don't go out without their orange on 
and have been handling guns all their lives so there are not too many cattle, 
horses shot.  It is the ones who have the attitude that pets are just animals 
and do not deserve to be protected or feral animals either.  I don't hold with 
killing creatures unless they are a threat to me or mine and maybe if I was 
starving but then I probably could find enough plants and berries to eat.  
Don't think I could ever look them in the eye and pull the trigger.
Yes, you do have a point.  because of the extreme dry here (over 2 months), a 
lot of animals are dying, especially deer.  Many are getting pneumonia from 
breathing in so much dust and so many gaher at the few ponds left that 
mosquitos are spreading blue tongue like crazy.  I would rather see a deer die 
a quick death from a shot than see them linger on for days in paini.  Assumiong 
the hunter knows how to shoot and if necessary will spend the time to track the 
wounded deer down and put it out of it's misery.

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> I'm thankful for deer season, it provides my family with meat, as well as 
> keeping population under control. -Joslin


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I monitor all the hunting accidents, it happens a lot, but unfortunately,
innocent bystanders get hurt or killed, too - not to mention all the
domestic animals, even farm animals.
An Indiana hunter was killed on a youth day hunt, and two men with a 10-yr
old kid with them, blamed it on him.  Turned out, it wasn't.....

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I hate bow hunting or any hunting whatsoever. I'd really love to see a
hunter with a bow stuck in him, and I'm quite delighted when I hear that a
hunter has shot his hunting buddy by mistake.


On 10-01, wrote: Bow hunting has started in my area
> and I keep my cats close to home.  Only Harley goes down the road, so 
> HE stays inside.  I keep hearing "they are only animals" as the excuse.
> Well, since we are suspossed to be descended from monkeys, we are 
> animals so why can't I shoot them.  They are only animals arn't they?

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